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6th Grade Science - Mr. Panella
Instructor: Mr. Panella   
Welcome to 6th grade science! The unifying theme for the year is constancy and change. Students will start off the year exploring  matter and phase changes using dry ice investigations. Next they will study catastrophic events such as severe storms, tornadoes, and earthquakes. After, they are introduced to wave energy in the form of light. At the end of the year, students will work as citizen scientists to track and analyze the affect of invasive species.
Wave Energy: Waves, Sound and Light
The 6th graders are starting to investigate wave energy. Students will explore waves, sound, and light. Students will start the unit identifying wave properties and characteristics using water and sound waves. Then students will start an in-depth section on light energy and how light has both wave and particle properties. The focus of the light section will include the nature of light, reflection and refraction, and the many uses of light.
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